Doin’ Stuff is Dumb

Doin’ Stuff Is Dumb

Dear Diary …

As things get back to “normal” (or whatever that even means), what I do know is we see a world where at the very least people are doing more stuff. More activities, more plans, more trips … stuff like that. And I am here to report … IT’S AWFUL!!!

Oh my God! There’s so … much … STUFF!!!

Kid baseball. Dad softball. Kid dance. Wife working. Travel plans. Work events. It’s just never ending.

And yes … while it is good that we are able to get out and do things, I gotta be honest … I kinda miss the coronavirus. OK I don’t miss the actual coronavirus, or thinking we were all gonna die, or having to wipe down each individual item from the grocery store because you thought it had deadly cooties on it. Ugh. That was the worst. I stopped buying bananas simply because there’s too many of ‘em in a bunch to have to wipe down!

So I don’t miss any of those things, but I do miss the big pile of nothing we all had going on. I remember when “plans” consisted of some random person in your neighborhood deciding to play piano every night for 10 minutes and the neighbors all standing there … 200 feet away from each other while you gathered. And as far as plans went … that was it. For the week. Shoot .. that was considered “big plans.”

Now every day feels like one of those time lapse videos where they show people walking around all fast while the sun rises and sets on super speed. Except that’s real life now. Buzzin’ around like a bunch of bees makin’ honey.

For the first time in my adult life I’m genuinely excited for the kids to be on summer vacation. Not because I care about them getting time off from school … forget that … they can do homework year round for all I care. I just don’t wanna sit in car line anymore for a while!

Look … I don’t wanna go back to the way things were last year, but can we maybe at least figure out a way to have like a “mini pandemic” for a week or two every now and then? You know … one where there isn’t any actual illness, but we just stopped doing stuff just in case. I don’t know … mainly I just wanna do less stuff. How do we do that?

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.