Alone Time Things

Dear Diary …

When you boil it all down … there are only two things in life. “Alone” things. And “not alone” things. That’s it. Whatever you’re doing, it’s either supposed to be with people or without ‘em. And some of the “alone” stuff … yeah you keep that to yourself. We ain’t gonna talk about it, think about it, or even acknowledge that it exists.

But other stuff … man you’re doin’ it wrong.

I’mma tell you flat out … shopping at the grocery store is an “alone” thing. Now look … if you got little boogerball kids with you. They don’t count. As any good parent knows, kids don’t count as people.

Oh … I mean … kids … if you’re listening right now … Uncle Zack just kidding. Mommy and Daddy wuv you so very much and you’re the most important whittle miracle on the planet.

OK … earmuffs right? [WHISPERING] They’re not people!

Anyway … two grown adults have no business being in the grocery store together.

What are you doing?

Do you not realize you’re just … in the way?

And you look ridiculous! Couple of dorks just tooling along with a shopping cart, blocking the path of anything and everything that they come in contact with.

“Oh well we just go to the store as a couple … to spend time together!”

You ain’t ever heard of a restaurant or like a park or something?

Those are couple time activities. The grocery store is a chore. Chores are “alone” things so you can divide and conquer the chores. Like … you standin’ around doing laundry together? Of course not! One person does laundry and the other person vacuums or something. Whatchoo gonna do? Hold hands and vacuum the living room together?


Other things are “with people” things.

If you’re a grown adult … you don’t go to a Disney movie by yourself.

“But I like Disney movies!”

Fine … go volunteer at the Big Brothers Big Sisters or something and take somebody else with you. Ain’t no grown man need to be sitting at “Encanto” all by himself. I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but you’re freaking the rest of us out.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.

The Story of Noah’s Ark

Dear Diary …

I guess sometimes in order to understand the present, we must look back at the past.  So let’s look back.  WAY back.  Remember the … like … you know … Bible?  Yeah … like I said … we goin’ WAY back.

So in the Bible, there was this dude Noah.  Everybody knows the story of Noah.  God tells him he’s gotta build a big ol’ boat and grab two of everything and throw it on the boat.  So Noah does what God says, saves all the animals and becomes an inspiration to children everywhere in present times.

OK … I know what you’re thinking … “That seems like a little bit of a jump to go 2,000 years into the future and say he’s inspiring children today.  What do you even mean by that?”

Well … I’ll tell you what I mean by that … clearly he’s inspired kids today. And definitely MY kids today.  And not with the whole “hey listen to what God tells you to do” angle, but more in the “make sure you have two of everything” angle. 

Because that’s what they do.  If there’s an open box of Cheezits … definitely make sure to not notice, and open a second box instead.  My whole dang pantry is a tribute to Noah’s Ark … cuz we got two of everything open in there. 

“Oh I didn’t see it!”

You didn’t see the box of Cheezits … right next to the other box of Cheezits? 

And since the answer is “no,” I have to assume all logic is thrown out the door and it is simply Divine Intervention and the story of Noah’s Ark still having an impact today.

So … Diary … while I’m talking about pain and suffering. I mean … I was talking about the Bible.  Have you read that thing?  It’s got a LOT of chapters where some bad stuff goes down.  Who lot of smotin’ and sinnin’ and warrin’

Anyway … I’ve learned that the single most painful question I can ask my son is … “Can you brush your teeth please?”

Sounds like an easy enough request.  Heck … It sounds like a downright pleasant request since I’m asking you to fill your mouth with cleanliness and minty freshness.  But what’s the response every time?

“Ugghhhhhhhh … OKKKAAAYYYYY”

You would’ve thought I had said … “Hey boy … please throw a bunch of needles in your mouth and swish them around for a while.”

See … this is why most kids have breath that smells like hot garbage … cuz they don’t wanna listen to even the most simplest requests.

I tell people this all the time if they’re about to start having kids … be prepared to have a life form that you are in charge or who’s number one goal is to kill themselves and your number one goal will be to make sure they don’t.

Think about it. That’s all they do.  Babies try to fling themselves down the stairs.  Toddlers try to fall down a well. And even when they’re older all they wanna do is drink Sprite for breakfast and stare at their phone 23 and a half hours a day.  Then they get a license and try to drive 100 miles and hour while not paying attention the road.  And then they ask you to go on trips to Mexico with just their friends “cuz I’m old enough to go on my own.”

It’s a wonder any of them make it 18 really.

Till next time Diary … I say … goodbye

Regret Your No Regrets

Dear Diary …

I don’t know why some people talk.  Every time they open their mouth … ppppppbbbbbt … trash just falls out of there.  And I blame dumb phrases that we’ve allowed to become acceptable even though they make you sound like a fool when you say them.  Like “no regrets” … that’s one I hear all the time when I watch the cooking competition show “Chopped.”

So a chef will make a dish … and then they’ll screw something up and they get chopped.  And as they’re leaving in their exit interview they always say … “Oh I mean I stand by my dish.  I have no regrets.  If I could do it again, I wouldn’t change anything.”

Really?  Cuz you know what I would change?  THE THING THAT GOT ME CHOPPED!!!

“Hey Zack … do you have any regrets?”

Why yes … doing the thing that made me lose!!!

Why do we act like it’s bad to have regrets?  Like we’re just supposed to be OK with our dumb decisions and then just pat ourselves on the back and say, “It’s OK buddy … you know that bad judgement you had right there?  Don’t do anything about it! Stay exactly the way you are and keep screwin’ up your whole life!”

Guess what Diary … I have regrets.  Like today … and every day.  I’m doubting my decision to even talk about this in the first place because maybe I could’ve come up with something better!  Regrets are what force you to improve next time … so have em … it’s a good thing!

Here’s another one that makes you sound dumb … “With all due respect.”

And here’s why … every single time you say “with all due respect” you’re about to tell someone something you don’t like about them and probably have no respect for them because you don’t like it.

I mean if I say … “With all due respect … you’re an idiot.”

What respect was that idiot due in the first place?

I’ll tell you the only reason to say “with all due respect” is to trick that person into thinking you respect them at all right before you drop the hammer on their face and insult them.

OK … you know what … I take that one back … I like “With all due respect” … but only when I use it on you.  If you use it on ME, well we gonna throw down then cuz them’s fightin’ words. 

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye