Doctor Impossible

Doctor Impossible

Dear Diary …

You wanna live, right?

Exactly! We all wanna be healthy and not die … so why they gotta make it so dang hard to do?

And you’ll get shamed into it all the time … “oh you’re really supposed to go to the doctor and make sure you have regular checkups.”

OK sure … no problem … so let’s go ahead and book a physical

“Oooh … sorry … the doctor only does one physical appointment a day and he’s booked until the summer.”


And God forbid you actually try to get some sort of procedure done. “Ooooh sorry … Insurance doesn’t cover that.”

But I need it to live?

Yeah but not THAT bad … so like … you know …. Deductible and stuff. Thanks for paying two thousand dollars a month by the way!

And here’s what I can’t understand … if you have kids … It’s crazy easy to get them in to the doctor. My kids’ doctor is open on Saturday … Sunday … … you don’t need an appointment … you can call them after hours and talk to the doctor on call.

Meanwhile, any grown up doctor works three days a week and has two hours in the middle of the day where they close for lunch.

OK no offense to children … but this is backwards … they’re young and the bones all heal on their own and stuff when they’re broken … they need less access to the doctor. We’re old! We’re falling apart! We need those appointments!

They’ll figure it out. And if they’re lucky enough to make it to 40, THEN they can go to the doctor more often.

Moving on Diary … this is petty and nitpicky … ok look … this is the Anger Diary it’s all petty and nitpicky … but this is just dumb.

So I have a Pinterest page. Yes … that’s right … I’m like to only adult male on earth with an active Pinterest page. Whatever. I use it to save recipes. I don’t care if you follow it or not … it’s for me to figure out what to make for dinner.

But here’s what I don’t understand … every time I go to the app it shows me all my pins in a setting called “compact” where all the posts are scrunched down and you can’t see anything. So I have to change the setting … to “default.”

That’s right … I have to go in and manually change it to “default” which BY THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD implies that it is the setting that everything should DEFAULT too!!!! But default isn’t default … compact is default … AND YET IT’S NOT!!!!

And I am aware … it takes me one second to change it, but that’s one second of my life I am never getting back, and one second closer to death that I’m not stopping because I CAN’T GET IN TO THE DOCTOR!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye