Fantasy Football Stinks

Dear Diary …

It occurred to me over the weekend while watching football that fantasy football (and really fantasy sports of any kind), are totally ruining everything. And to be clear, I am a participant in them. Lots of them.

But as I sat there on a Sunday afternoon, one where I should just be gloriously celebrating the fact that my team, the Patriots, is destroying their opponent, I’m not. I’m mad. Because some idiot on some other team is suckin’, and that’s making my fantasy team suck.

So now I’m in a bad mood … and let’s all be honest with ourselves here … I’m in a bad mood about something that absolutely doesn’t matter one shred in the grand scheme of life. Why am I doing this to myself? And this is coming from somebody who often WINS … money. But is it really worth it if that’s how I going to feel on a Sunday afternoon?

Feelings of anger and sadness? Those are feelings for work days. Not weekends. But sports is ruining that.

Oh man … I look at my friends that don’t really follow sports .. and yes … I do think they’re kind of weird. But then they also get to live in this blissfully ignorant world where the behaviors of a bunch of millionaires on a field doesn’t affect them one way or the other. I’m startin’ to think that these doofuses have the right idea.

Was that a compliment?

Not really?

Oh well.

Moving on Diary … I could spend pretty much every entry for the rest of my life letting you know what’s wrong with social media, but today I will narrow it down to just one thing … Complaining about customer service.

Why do you people think that’s a good idea?

The other day … I ordered food. And I won’t say from where, but I will say that it was FAR below the success that they typically deliver.

And immediately one of my friends says, “What you need to do is go blow them up on social media!”

Ummmm … No! No I do not need to go do that! I’m not going to your ranty little cesspool of a website to complain!

“Ohhhh but everybody needs to know the TRUTH!”

You be quiet right now.

Here’s how adults handle this situation. You contact the place of business, with human words and voices, either in person or on a phone. You explain the situation … nicely … and then the situation gets fixed. THAT’S how it gets done!

Blabbing you whole story on Facebook is accusatory, doesn’t give the business a chance to make things right before you try to publicly shame them, and … is BORING!

Seriously the only thing more boring than listening to people complain about their fantasy football teams in a league that you don’t play in, is listening to people complain about their customer service experiences on social media.

“Oh and then they said this and they didn’t get it right.”

Don’t care! Your problem … not mine.

And who is this “they” that people always speak of? That’s all I ever hear … “They messed up my order. They didn’t call me back. They missed the time they were supposed to show up.”

Like there’s some secret government organization … “The Theys” … and they sit there and plot to themselves … “Hey how can we screw over Karen today when she orders her lunch? The Theys strike again!”

Quit your whining people. It doesn’t accomplish anything, and none of us wanna hear about it anyway.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye