I’m Sooo Busy

Dear Diary …

The world is filled with excuses. We all make ‘em. Pretty much all of the time.

And I’m not gonna sit here and say things like “Never make excuses for anything.” That’s dumb advice. It’s also impossible, because some excuses are legit.

“Can’t come to work. I’m pukin’.”

Yup … legitimate!

But here’s one excuse that I think should be thrown out of our vocabulary … “I’m just sooo busy.”

I HATE that excuse … because it is a garbage excuse.

Pukin’ … Now there’s some real facts to back that one up.

Busy … That just means you were lazy and didn’t feel like.

“Nuh-uh … I’m really busy! I have sooooo much going on.”

AHHHH … Stop with that!

Everybody is busy. Everybody has things going on. Everybody is trying to juggle work and home and school and whatever else.

I mean … when’s the last time you asked someone, “Are you busy?” and they said “Nah … I ain’t got crap goin’ on in my life right now.” Everybody thinks they’re busy.

Here’s what I’ve learned … using “I’m busy” as an excuse is what losers do. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. I’ve used it as an excuse before, but when I think about the times I used it, what was REALLY my excuse? It was that I didn’t feel like doing it.

I had a bunch of stuff going on this weekend … I was busy. But also managed to squeeze in watching two episodes of “Chopped,” so I wasn’t THAT busy.

Look at the most successful people in this world. They always look like they have a million things going on. It’s because they DO … but instead of getting lazy and saying “I’m to busy,” they go out there and they get the job DONE.

So I’m not using that excuse anymore. And neither are you. And if you try to use it with me … you better come with a spreadsheet mapping out your entire day to prove to me that you’re too busy. Cuz I bet I’m gonna find some Candy Crush time in there somewhere.

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.