Long Posts and the People Who Like Them

Dear Diary …

As you’re scrolling through your social media today … everything will be all hunky dory … Just your standard “Here’s a picture of my kid doing stuff” or “Here’s a little recap of the dinner I made.” Nice simple stuff. And then the evil phrase hits you …

“I don’t normally post long rants like this on Facebook, buuu.ut …”

Oh Lord.

First of all … yes you do … but whatever.

Second … [[SIGH]] … alright .. what is it that has SOOOOO wronged you? Or made you SOOOO upset????

Go ahead … hammer home whatever it is that you believe in that you’re soooo mad about because your kid’s teacher said something, or there’s somebody I’m supposed to vote for or against based on whatever it is you believe in.

You done yet? Cuz this is taking forever.

But here’s the thing Diary … I used to get mad at these people for their long, boring, ranty “pay attention to ME” posts. But then I realized … they’re not the problem. It’s the person who clicks “like” and comments on these posts … THEY’RE the problem because they encourage these people to post more things like this.

I’ve been mad at the wrong person. It’s not the poster … it’s YOU … the liker!

And it’s not just these long ranty posts … it’s also your fault that we get so many posts like “Just so tired trying to keep up with everything” because you post stupid things like “Keep your head up girl, you’re Supermom!” and that only encourages more posts like it.

Why do you think so many people update their profile pics with a new hoochie-mama selfie every other day? Because dodos like you immediately post “Ooooh … so SEXY!” Don’t you realize that this just gives them the taste of blood and makes them do it more and more?

Stop it!

That’s what needs to happen. You need to cut it out.

I can’t stop the poster … they’re gonna do whatever they want … but if you would just stop acknowledging these posts, I guarantee you they would go away.

So … I beg of you … call upon your willpower and resist the temptation.

The next time somebody in your life posts “Can’t go into detail … just having the worst day ever” … Resist the temptation to post “What’s wrong?” And on top of that, don’t send your prayer Army out for them either … keep those troops at home until they stop posting these cryptic cries for help! Only together will we get rid of all these posts.

You need to start thinking of Facebook as if it’s a scab. So stop pickin’ at it or it’s never gonna go away!

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye