Meet Angry Zack

Snarky? Yes. Sarcastic? Definitely. Speaker of the truth? Absolutely!

The world is filled with many great and correct things. That said, it’s also filled with many annoying and incorrect things … things that need to be fixed! Angry Zack is the voice of those annoying and incorrect things (that will hopefully be transformed through his Anger Diary).  In addition to his rantings, Angry Zack is a married father of two who lives in Southwest Virginia and enjoys cooking, cocktails, fancy cheeses, and the Boston Red Sox.

Zack’s Anger Diary is a weekly segment on K92 radio in Roanoke, Virginia that airs on Tuesdays at 7:30 and 9:30am eastern time.  The audio and text of those Anger Diary entries are then posted to this blog right around 10a.  Enjoy!