First Come, First Served

Dear Diary …

There’s no doubt that our society and existence as humans is very complex, but at the same time you can also simplify things down to just a small handful of basic, instinctive human rules. For example … “I called it first” is pretty much the fabric of our existence when it comes to getting things. First come, first served.

If you show up before anybody else … you get to go first. You show up second … you go second. Think about it … most of the things you get in your life are simply because you got it before somebody else did.

So I understand that, but I am also thoroughly frustrated by that, particularly when it comes to the person who gets control of the TV in a bar. Now … if that person has good judgement. We don’t have a problem here. But … when have you known most people to have GOOD judgement? Yeah … exactly.

So that ended up being my problem recently as I sat in a bar, and the TV was on a football game that … let’s just say … was a blowout. I think Alabama was playing some sort of girls’ middle school in a game … and … yeah … it was over. Meanwhile … I knew there was another game going on where the score was something like … I don’t know … 85 to 84 or something with about 200 lead changes, 7 million touchdowns, and I’m pretty sure fireworks and dinosaurs running all around the field. That’s how exciting this game was.

So I asked the bartender … “Hey … can we change this TV to the other game?”

“Sorry … but somebody asked to have this game on.”

Where? I’m here at the bar. Nobody else sittin’ here.

“Yeah … it’s that table over there behind you.”

So I look behind me and I see a table … where not a SINGLE person is looking at the television. Zero!

Furthermore … there are TWO other televisions in the vantage point of that table … and guess what both of them are currently showing? Blank screens!!! Put the game on over there if they want it so bad.

Why are they gettin’ control of this TV? Their game is dumb and boring, and THEY’RE EVEN WATCHIN’ IT!!! But she still won’t change the channel!

And yes … I could’ve gone over there and asked them myself. BUT I DON’T WANNA! I just want this to be easier than it is! Why I gotta be the police of the whole world all the time? It’s exhausting!

I mean … just cuz they got there first? I get it … that’s how the rule works in the beginning, but that should eventually be overridden by the excitement level of the game. What if I get there first and I tell them I really wanna watch that NCIS marathon? Do I get to hog that TV all day? Probably not! And really … I shouldn’t.

First come, first served. I get it, and I agree with it. But I’d like to add “till boring” when it specifically deals with controlling a TV in a bar. We should all be able to agree on this, right?

Till next time Diary … I say … Goodbye.