The Summer of Activities

Dear Diary …

School is out and summer is here. And that means the children are here. All the time.

Every day. All day. Just here. Staring at you and demanding to be entertained.

That is what I’ve learned since having kids … To them “Summer Vacation” to them means that you are to plan activities for them from the second they wake up until the second they go to sleep. Every day. All the time.

They are on their own personal Carnival Cruise, and you the parent, are the activity director. And no, you don’t get paid for your job. In fact, your job actually COSTS you money because many of the activities that your tiny clients demand involve the spending of money. YOUR money.

Diary … I’m gonna be honest … my kids have been on summer vacation for about five days now … and I’m almost out of ideas already. I’m terrified!

There’s just too many hours in the day!

And like I said … they demand activity for ALL of them. You’re gonna take me to the zoo? Fine. But what are we gonna do when we get home?


On Friday both my kids had TWO play dates … plus I ended up feeding all their friends, letting them roast marshmallows, and play, and hang out. And yet the second I walk down the stairs in the morning. “Gee … I’d really like a play date today.”


Diary … I’m not gonna make it. And I’m gonna go broke in the process.

And here’s another thing Diary … the worst is when you make plans for your kids and then the other people involved cancel the plans. Oh forget it … you’re dead.

Because YOUR boss … the children … they don’t care that it’s not your fault that plans were canceled. As far as they’re concerned … it IS your fault. And what are you going to do to fill that hole in the schedule.

I don’t tell my kids any plans anymore. Because EVERY time I do … some other parent breaks the plans and then I’m in one that gets in trouble. And I don’t wanna be in trouble.

I just want it to be fall. Hurry up fall!!!

Till next time Diary, I say goodbye.